Programs by Martin Hyldahl

Hyldahl's Boulder Dash Clone
Boulder dash clone I made that won the 1/2006 code competion.
Hyldahl's Game Launcher
Game launcher application that logs statistics.
DI-624 logger
D-Link router log file logger.
MSH KDX Log Analyzer
Simple log analyzer/viewer for the KDX Server.
MSH Folder creator
MSH Folder Creator is a tool create folder structures from a simple text file list.
It can create hundreds of folders in just a sec.

This tools also have advanced features like: Illegal Char Mappings, Alphabetizing, String insertions etc.
MSH Mandelbrot Information System
A mandelbrot information system wich enables even novice users to explore the fantastic colorfull Mandelbrot Set.
MSH Mandelbrot Information System have advanced features like: Zooming, Aspect Ratio Correction, Calculation History, Image Saving etc.
Minesweeper clone
A simple minesweeper clone I created in school.
Icon to GFX
Utility for converting Windows icons to bitmap graphic files.
With this program you can convert Windows icons to 8 different file formats (bmp, emf, exif, gif, jpeg, png, tiff, wmf) and you can specify a background color for the images.
Note! This program is written in C#, so you will need to have the .NET framework installed.

Web applications by Martin Hyldahl

File Library
A web application that maintains file downloads and download statistics.
This is the application I use here on my web site to maintain file downloads.
It is simple to use and suppports single file downloads, grouping of files, download type specification, categories and statistics.
Simple Link Library
Simple application for maintaining a list of links. I use this application on this site to maintain my links.